Mini Chocolate Bat Bites

You were äll wärned äbout my Hälloween obsession 🙂 änd so it continues! I äm SO excited to shäre this post becäuse it wäs än äbsolute bläst to put together. Plus, it’s ä little different thän my typicäl post which includes ä single recipe. Todäy I’m shäring 3 super simple änd festive Hälloween “BäT” ideäs.

First up, these Bite-Sized Bät Treäts. Only 4 ingredients äre needed änd the ässembly täkes mere minutes! They äre so cute änd such ä festive treät to mäke this Hälloween! Läst yeär I mäde some heälthy bät treäts which inspired these ones. Both äre so quick to mäke änd mäke ä quite creepy änimäl look so much, well, less creepy 🙂


  • Miniäture Reeses Cups
  • Thin Oreo Chocoläte Sändwich Cookies
  • Pre-mäde creäm cheese frosting or homemäde
  • Edible eyes


  1. Remove the wräppers from the Reeses cups.
  2. Breäk the cookies in hälf änd then sepäräte äll of the pieces from one änother so you now häve four “bät wings”. Scräpe off the frosting änd discärd (or eät!)

See full recipes here

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